Friday, August 26, 2011

SharePoint 2010:No Audience Targeting Option in SP2010 WebParts

Moving of webapplication from one server to another server, everything is working fine except "Target Audience". It is not displaying "Targeting Audience" as "WebPart" properties when edit the webpart.

So to make it enable and visible we do have a few workarounds.  Any one of workaround can fix this problem.

1> Make sure the User Profile Service Application is running and enabled under Service Connections for your target Web Application.  Go to Central Administration>Application Management>"Highlight Your Web Application">Service Connections>User Profile Service Applicatiton.  Ensure that you have a "Started" USPA  under Service Applications. 

2> Activate publishing feature on your site collection.

3> Go to Site Setting √†Site Collection Administration √† Site Collection Navigation Settings and Make sure audience targeting is checked.

4> Do a simple "iisreset /noforce" can fix this.


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  1. hi Disha its nice blog which has helped me alot
    I have question regarding sharepoint 2010 currently i am working on document library system where i want to store the AutoCad files and also want to produce annotations in the files. so can you help or provide guide lines.