Friday, April 22, 2011

Active Directory Account Creation Mode In SharePoint 2010 Foundation

Hello Friends

In SharePoint 2010 Foundation, during configuration the last screen of the Config Wizard enables you to confirm the settings you have chosen before  committing to them. If you are doing anything other than a SharePoint Foundation install, you will see an Advanced Settings button that is grayed out. If you are doing a SharePoint Foundation install, this button is enabled. If you click the button, you are taken to the Enable Active Directory Account Creation Mode.

Active Directory Account Creation Mode (ADACM) :

It allows your SharePoint farm to be set up to automatically create Active Directory
users when you add them to SharePoint. These new accounts are created in the organizational unit (OU) specified on the screen. You can even have SharePoint e‑mail a notification to users when their
account is created, along with the password. This is a truly automated scenario that works very well
in hosted environments.IT is an interesting but mostly unused feature of SharePoint.

There is disadvantage too. So if you are deploying SharePoint in ADACM, you cannot
use your existing Active Directory accounts to access SharePoint. Users hate having one username and password; 

Remember, it is only available in Foundation, not Server.

Disha Shah