Friday, May 3, 2013

Completed Salem™ Certified Practitioner Online Course

Hi All

Yay, I’m very happy as I've successfully completed Genius SharePoint Business Strategist course which qualified me as certified Salem™ Practitioner.

Salem™ is framework which can be used in any business for SharePoint as a solution.

Salem™ (Sequenced and Logical Enterprise Methodology) – course contains 15 different modules which are connected and are very useful to applied to any business :

Here are some of features of this online course:
·         Available online – which is very flexible for anyone.
·         Course materials are so much in detail and concise for each sections which are understandable
·         Videos and slides are nice explained with real life example
·         Length of this course is suitable
After completing this course you must know how business should use SharePoint and what parameters needs to be considered when it comes to apply SharePoint in real life!

I enjoyed this course and recommend taking the same course to improve SharePoint knowledge!

Disha Shah