Thursday, February 28, 2013

Difference between DELETED and CLOSED SharePoint Webparts

Hello Friends

Recently I had an experience about the “DELETED” and “CLOSED” webparts on SharePoint Page and thought to share the same.

When we click the “x” button on webpart while editing page – it stands for closing webpart not deleting webpart. Closed webpart still stays on page and mutely consumes server resources every time when page is accessed.

Deleted webparts does not stay on page and if we do not need webpart we must delete webpart by clicking “Delete” on webpart while editing page.

Let us say user has “Closed “webpart by understanding that it has been deleted but in reality it is not so if we want to delete the “Closed” webpart, how could we do? For that we need to go to the Web Part Maintenance Page.

How do we get “WebPart Maintenance” Page? Very simple

Simply adds a given URL with the parameter: contents=1.

For example: http://sharepointdev/sites/test/default.aspx will become:

If a web part is closed on a page (Open on page? = no), then using the "Reset" action will not restore the web part to the page. Rather, it will "reset" the web part to its default values. You need to use the steps described above to re-open the web part.
If we want to reopen the close webpart , follow below steps
  1. Site Actions > Edit Page: Add a web part
  2. Advanced Web part
  3. gallery and options
  4. Select "Closed Web Parts"
  5. Drag-n-drop the web part back onto your page
Disha Shah