Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SharePoint 2007 Workflow Fail to Start(retrying) in Designer and Out-of-Box

Today I ran into one workflow error, "Fail to Start(retrying)". As usual not detail description is available which has frustrated me.

After looking here and around, I found that the Service Account which is used by my web-application is different from IIS identity account to SharePoint Central Administration.

Here are the steps to solve it.

1. Open SharePoint Central administration -> Go to Operations.

2. Under Security configuration sections, go to service accounts.

3. On the service account screen in web application pool dropdown,select windows sharepoint services web application and in appplication pool drop down select the web application where the workflow is not working.

4. Now, Check the apppool account in configurable. This account should match the identity account for your web application in IIS. If it is not ; make it the same and everything goes works fine.

Hope this helps!!
Disha Shah