Wednesday, November 3, 2010


When I deployed InfoPath form to another environment, I found it misbehaved something because of trust level problems.

So let us talk about Trust Levels related to InfoPath form and how we can modify?
Trust Levels

Normally InfoPath 2007 decides automatically pick up security level which needed to an InfoPath form.

A security level determines which features are available to the InfoPath form.
  • Full trust security level
  • Domain security level
  • Restricted security level
How to change Trust Level depends on Requirement?

At design time, InfoPath 2007 will automatically choose the security level which provides the minimum amount of permissions that are required to perform the form successfully. To change different security level we have to perform some operations manually.

You can do this by setting the security level and signing the form template with a certificate in InfoPath Tools -> FormOptions.

This opens the Form Options window, where you can select the Security and Trust category. You can also specify a digital certificate that you want to use to sign the formtemplate.

More Inforamtion For InfoPath Forms are located here. please refer to the following location:

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