Friday, November 13, 2009

Double Hop Problem in SharePoint

Hello Friends,

I have faced problem when I built a web part which takes a main file and from that file I need to access all files of respective directory by directory.getfiles method and every time I got error “Could not find a part of this path (path)” .

I tried so many other solutions like I used windows Identity but didn’t get success. It seems that if SharePoint web application hosts on another server and if we try to access file from another local system then it’s not working.

At the last I have found out that it’s related to Double Hop Problem.

According to Microsoft KB article:

The double-hop issue is when the ASPX page tries to use resources that are located on a server that is different from the IIS server.

I read about Double Hob problem into SharePoint, and solved by using Kerberos authentication.

I have followed this link to solved my problem:

Enjoy Debugging!
Disha Shah

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