Thursday, March 21, 2013

Running SharePoint 2010 vhd in Windows 7 using Oracle Virtual Box.

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Here are the steps regarding how to run the 2010 VHD on Windows 7 box by using Oracle Virtual Box.

First we need to download and install below 3 softwares.

1>  Configure BIOS for HAV PCs.

2> Download Oracle Virtual Box.

3>  Download SharePoint 2010 VVHD.

4> Place all files in a folder and extract the application file which will create a single vhd.
Let us see the below steps how to run the SharePoint 2010 VHD by using the Oracle VM Virtual Box. 
  1. Open Virtual Box and click "NEW" - which brings you one wizard to select for VHD. 
  2. Choose Operation System as "Microsoft Windows" and version as "Windows 2008 (64bit)click, "Next."
  3. In Memory dialogue box type 4096 MB(Recommended) or more and click, Next. Make sure your client system has more than 4GB RAM.
  4. Choose "Use existing hard disk" and navigate to  2010-7a.vhd clicking the icon.Next  and click, Finish.
  5. Click on "Storage" in the detail section. Click, 2010.7a.vhd and delete it using delete icon .     
  6. Click "SATA Controller" and delete it using delete icon.
  7. Under IDE Controller click add vhd icon.
  8. In dialogue box, click "choose existing disk.
  9. "Navigate to the 2010-7a.vhd and click ok.
  10. Under "System" allow process to use 2 CPUs instead of default 1.
  11. Start the virtual machine.
 Disha Shah

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