Thursday, July 5, 2012

Associate an SharePoint Designer workflow with a specific task list

Hello All,

If we would like to associate a different SharePoint Task List to SharePoint Designer workflow from more than available Task Lists, there is not any direct way or user interface to do this.

The configuration for which task List is configured to SharePoint Designer Workflow is stored  inside the wfconfig.xml file. This is not an recommended way to do this.

If there are multiple task list available inside SharePoint site, SharePoint Designer Workflow picks up the first Task List.

So if we want to attach Task List of our own choice , we need to follow these steps.

1> Create a task list which lists first as Task List.

2> In SharePoint Designer, create a new workflow and compile it (click Finish in the Workflow Designer)

3> Now rename that task list from SharePoint User Interface.

That's it!!!You are all set with the SharePoint Designer 2007 Workflow with your desired Task List.

Disha Shah

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