Friday, March 30, 2012

Customize the Homepage of SharePoint Blog Sites for Blog Posts Webpart

Hello Friends

The purpose of today Blog is how we can customize view of Posts for Blog Site.
Actually I want to add the new fields on the homepage of the blog site template’s summary view web part for each of the posts.

Let us see how can we do this. Here is step by step process to do this

1. I assume that You have already created your blog site, Add custom column inside the Posts List , in my case it is DelegatedBy which is Person or Group field type.

2. I have downloaded this custom blog.xsl file and upload it to a Site Assets or any other Document Library of your choice. Search for “DelegatedBy” where we added this field to the output which is the only customization that was 
performed on the original XSL.

3. Open the blog site homepage and edit it in SharePoint Designer. Here, you’ll want to click on the Posts web part and add the DelegatedBy column for the field to be displayed in the view.

4. We need to include a link reference to the custom XSL that you had uploaded in Step 2.

5. Save changes that you’ve made in SharePoint Designer and browse to your blog site , magic will happen .

Enjoy Blog Site!!!

Disha Shah

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