Monday, July 25, 2011

SharePoint 2010 Membership Error :“The method or operation is not implemented”

Hello Friends
I was working with “Claims based authentication” in SharePoint 2010, develop registration page for new user so first I need to check whether that user already exists or not so when I checked for GetUser of Membership it always  throws error
I got this error: “The method or operation is not implemented”.
Nothing about my membership provider was custom, it was all default .Net stuff. I also found this to happen on other methods provided by the Membership object.
We can find out from here
MembershipProvider _provider = Membership.Providers["MyCustomMembershipProvider"];
MembershipUser user = _provider.GetUser(“username”, true);

if (user == null)
 ["MyCustomMembershipProvider "] is provider name in web config file

Hope this helps!!!
Disha Shah

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