Monday, December 27, 2010

Configuring PerformancePoint Services with Microsoft SharePoint 2010

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To configure PPS (PerformancePoint Services) for Microsoft SharePoint 2010, we need to follow below steps
1. Configure the Secure Store Service.
2. Create the service application.
3. Start the PerformancePoint Service.
4. Configure other service applications which will be useful in the deployment, like Excel Services, SQL Server Reporting Services Integration.

Let us look at every step one by one

How to configure the Secure Store Service, follow these steps:
  • Browse the SharePoint 2010 Central Administration.
  • Select the Application Management tab and then select Manage Service Applications.
  • Look for Secure Store Service and select, and then click Manage on the ribbon
  • It will open Secure Store Service configuration page, select Generate New Key from ribbon.
  • Enter a strong secure passphrase in the dialog box. Because it is protecting potentially sensitive data. Accept the check to Re-encrypt the Database Using the New Key, and then click OK. The database will be encrypted.
  • It will create the Secure Store Service key successfully and the database is encrypted.

Creating the Service Application follow these steps:
  • Start the PerformancePoint Service.
  • Create the PerformancePoint service application.
  • Set the Unattended Service Account.
  • Associate the service application proxy with a proxy group.

To start the PerformancePoint Service, follow these steps:
  • Open the SharePoint 2010 Central Administration site, and then click the System Settings tab in the navigation pane on the left.
  • From this page, click the Manage Servers.
  • From the list of servers in the farm, select the name of the server where you want to start the service application.
  • Look for PerformancePoint Service in the list of available services, and then click Start from the Action column. Once it is started ,then the status changes from Stopped to Started
To create the PerformancePoint service application, follow these steps:
  • Browse to the SharePoint 2010 Central Administration site, and then click Application Management tab in the left navigation pane.
  • Select the Manage Service Applications from Service Applications.
  • From the ribbon, click New. Click PerformancePoint Service Application to launch the PPS Service Application creation dialog box
  • Enter a name for the service application. If this is going to be the default service application, select Add This Service Application’s Proxy to the Farm’s Default Proxy  List.
  • In the Application Pool section of this screen, you can select to either Use Existing Application Pool or Create New Application Pool. If you decide to select Create New Application Pool, enter the application pool name. After you have made your selection, click Create to create the service application. This may take a few minutes. When the process has completed, you see a message confirming a successful creation.
Set the Unattended Service Account follow these steps:
  • From the Service Application Management screen, select Application Management, Manage Service Applications.
  • Scroll to find and select PerformancePoint Service Application from the list, and then select Manage from the ribbon.
  • From the PerformancePoint Service Application Management page, select PerformancePoint Services Settings.
  • Secure Store Service is selected as the default in this screen. If you plan to use the Unattended Service Account to access data sources, enter credentials in this screen, and then click OK
Hope this helps
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