Monday, November 22, 2010

Windows SharePoint Services Timer Status is Stopping

Hello Readers,

I have started to take the backup of SharePoint Farm on one SharePoint server through SharePoint Central Administration.

But it was not giving me any status for starting, Central Admin has given one tips that if it does not automatically start, check Timer Job Definitions or Timer Job Status.

I went to Timer Job Status from SharePoint Central Administration -> Operations->Timer Job Status (Timer Job Status, you will find under “Global Configuration” Sections of “Operations”.

I checked “Application Server Administration Service Timer Job” was initialized but did not success .Then I went to Start->Administrative Tools->Services and I have restarted and it gives me this error .

"Windows SharePoint Services Timer Status is Stopping"

How to solve the problem:
Let us look at the step by step process.
1> End OWSTimer.exe Process from the task manager
      a.       Go to Task Manager and in Process Tab find the OWSTimer.exe, select that process and click button “End Process”.
2>  Click on Windows SharePoint Service Timer, Go to recovery tab, Change Setting of First Failure and Second Failure.
3>  First Failure Change options to Take No Action
4>  Second Failure Change options to Take No Action

5>     Press Ok and Press F5 Refresh Service Page.
6>     Now you can find the “start” option, start it and it is running now.
You have solved the Problem!!!
Disha Shah

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