Friday, August 21, 2009

How to exclude fields from SharePoint ListFieldIterator Control

Here I am going to share with you a very small things but I think it’s very helpful. SharePoint Web Controls provides set of controls which we can use for generating our custom pages very easily without writing much custom code, there is control called “ListFieldIterator”, in which we need to specify which SharePoint List we are going to bind with controls and it will generate all controls related to SharePoint List.

In ListFieldIterator control if we want to exclude some fields from generated control, then we can use ListFieldIterator.ExcludeFields property, but when we have multiple fields for exclusion then we need to separate the fields with a semicolon and pound sign ";#" as separator, for single field we are using "." as separator.

SharePoint Web Controls rocks !!!


  1. Nice blog Disha..its really useful for creating custom newform.aspx and editform.aspx

  2. Hemen

    Thanks for comment!!

    Disha Shah