Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sharepoint Workflow Solution Generator

Hello Friends

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008 offered very nice solution for every part/object of SharePoint with its solution generator file(.wsp file). But we do not have solution generator for Workflow. If we wish then we have to write it manually.

But no need to sad about that we have one tool is available for “Sharepoint Workflow Generator”.

Go to this Link You can find that thing there.

 All related instructions are available there.

For that you have to make changes at some places like.

You can add this to the end of your csproj/vbproj file to get a wsp file after every build:

<Exec Command=”&quot;c:\Program Files\Microsoft VSTO Power Tools 1.0\workflowpackagegen.exe&quot; /featureManifest:feature.xml” ContinueOnError=”true”>

And when you run and deploy your workflow you will find out its .wsp file in your workflow folder

You can use that solution package file and you can add and deploy solution. So there is no need to manually thing for solution package.

 It is very good blessings for SharePoint Developers!!!

Enjoy this utility.


  1. Hi,

    I have a small issue to develop 2 step approval workflow in Visual studio. Below is my problem.

    Can you please guide me to develop a visual studio workflow in SharePoint 2010 foundation? I Can't use in built approval workflow in Sharepoint designer because, Sharepoint foundation is not supports this workfow. So I have to go with VS only.

    My requirement is like this. There are 3 roles - Entry Clerk, Supervisor, Manager.
    Same way 3 status - Pending Verification, Require Clarification, Approved.

    Entry officer will enter the list item and submit it. A task will generate for supervisor with status pending verification. If supervisor will rejects the item then status of the item will be require clarification else status will be approved. In case of rejection, task will be create for entry officer. Entry officer can resubmit the task wit modified values. Again the same process will go on still item approve. So any one guide me to develop this kind of workflow in VS 2010.


  2. Hi Sai

    You can use Visual Studio Sequential Workflow for this one. Write the codeactivity in if...else condition for aproved and rejection status for the task.

    If any problem occurs please let me know.

    Disha Shah